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“. . . Caramba had always wished for a brother.
A brother he could go fishing with.
A brother to collect caterpillars with.
A brother who would love his cheese omelets
A brother who would share all his secrets.
But Caramba never imagined a brother like Henry . . .”

Caramba is in for a big surprise . . . But, while we wait for the arrival of my new book Caramba and Henry, I thought it would be interesting to look at a short animation of Caramba’s attempts to fly in the first book as well as the swooping and loop-de-looping antics of Caramba’s friends . . .

This animation was produced by by Lucion Media for the TD Children’s Book Awards.

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I was absolutely delighted and surprised to learn in the fall that my picture-book Caramba was chosen for the TD Grade One Book Giveaway Program.

Imagine! My book would be given to every child in Canada who entered first grade last fall. Children living in Nunavut or Montreal, on the Magdelene Islands or the Queen Charlotte Islands, children in Inuvik or Great Whale. Children who speak French or English and others whose native language might be Cree or Ojibway, Mandarin, Tamul or Creole. In all, more than half a million children received my picture book, brought it back to their home and read it with their family. Who would have thought that my rather plump and worried little cat would travel from sea to sea without ever having learned to fly?

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. . . my brand new website, where you will meet the characters who live, breathe, laugh, run and dance across the pages of my books. I hope you will enjoy reading about My Life So Far, taking peeks inside my books, downloading stickers, and discovering what I am working on and where you might hear me read from my books.

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